The battle for Aleppo, a beautiful city like he never existed.

The battle for Aleppo, a beautiful city like he never existed. After an intense bombardment of the Russian Air Force on all Assad's opponents and strength of ISIS, military analysts say that in the preparation of a large land offensive. It would Syrian army, with continued support from the Russian air along with Iranian soldiers and members of Hezbollah, tried to overpower opponents on the front lines in the Syrian city of Aleppo. It also believes that the offensive could further enrage the official Ankara, which has so far actively assisted various militant groups in the struggle for the overthrow of the Assad regime from power, and also expressed deep concern over the Russian military attack. This concern is shared by Turkish allies in NATO, especially after two incidents in which Russian military aircraft inflammation in Turkish airspace. In Aleppo, for months ruled the status quo, the eastern parts of the city controlled the Asad opponents, mostly militants linked to al-Qaida, and the western parts of the Assad forces, the opposition camp occasionally throwing bombs from the plane, but despite frequent street battles, two the generally remained entrenched over the same line of demarcation. Lately the Aleppo ranged Islamic State, which was last weekend, the emboldened Russian strikes against Assad, as well as his opponents, won several villages north of the city, at one point approached at only two kilometers from the city center. According to reports of some Western media is no longer a secret that thousands of Iranians in Syria. The attack will begin with the Iranian army as Iran publicly acknowledged when Syria sent its people solely as a function of military advisers but little who believes because it is very influential general of the Revolutionary Guards Hossein Hamedani allegedly killed on that part of the battlefield.

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